Welcome to the Departed Friend blogsite

If you are reading this, it may be because you have lost an animal you loved very much.

Perhaps your loss is very recent and the pain is sharp, almost unbearable; or maybe some time has now passed and you still can’t come to terms with your loss – or perhaps you are simply remembering your special friend with a sad nostalgia, along with memories of happier times.

Possibly you feel isolated and alone, and that other people don’t understand – you may be wondering if anyone else has ever felt this bad over the loss of a companion animal.

You may be looking for some advice on how to cope – or you may want to read other people’s stories and thereby feel less alone, as you read of sorrow comparable to your own, and realise that your feelings are perfectly natural, inevitable perhaps, where the bond between you has been so strong.

Scroll down here for the Newsletters and you will find tributes to lost loved ones, written by people whose experiences will resonate with your own. There are also articles giving advice and covering different aspects of losing a companion animal – e.g. saying goodbye, children and bereavement, multiple loss, etc.

Check out the other pages before you leave this blog:

About DF gives details of our Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling Service and newsletters, plus contact details to access support and request copies of the newsletters.

Browse though Newsletters – Contents to see if there are any features of particular interest or relevance to your situation.

Resources gives a list of Departed Friend literature and other resources, including bereavement websites, publications, memorial websites, pet cemeteries and crematoria, etc.-and there are also some Poems and a Short Story to read.

We hope that you will find something in this blog to help at this painful and difficult time.


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