Newsletters – Contents

Issue 1 – March 2002


Contributions are needed:

  • Letters, poems, articles. etc… your contributions will be welcomed

Case Histories: (identifying details changed to preserve anonymity)

  • Women
  • Children and  Young People
  • Men

A Tribute to Spirit  (pony) (+ photograph) – by Debby  Wakeham

Coming soon – topics for future newsletters

Issue 2 – May 2002


Media Attitudes – respect or ridicule?

Book Reviews:

  • Alice & Other Friends by Dr. Vernon  Coleman
  • Return to the Fold by Linda J Bodicoat

Readers’ Letters


  • Pets remembered – tribute to Wilma (cat)  by Celia M Francis
  • Red 1988 – 1999  (cat) – by John Cowen
  • Sheeba (dog) – tribute (+ line drawing) – by Julia Clugston

Coming soon – topics for future newsletters   

Issue 3 – July 2002  +  Poetry supplement*


Do Animals Grieve?

Snoopy and  Topsy (ponies) – by Gill Williamson

  • Snoopy – poem by Gill’s husband

Things that can Help:

  • If you are  bereaved –  If someone else is bereaved

Things to Avoid:

  • If you are bereaved – If someone else is bereaved

Strange but True – a personal experience

Coming soon – topics for future newsletters

*Poetry supplement

  • Rainbow Bridge – anon.
  • For the animal shall not be measured by man…. – Henry Beston
  • A Prince among Men – David Prowse
  • A Man’s Best Friend –  anon.
  • I shall walk in the sun alone…. – Michael Joseph
  • If it should be …. – anon.
  • The Long, Sad Last Road to the Vets: a pet’s view – J.C.  Wright
  • Thomas – Helen Constance
  • My Darling Dog – Ella Meah
  • Spirit Breath – Kitty Plant

Issue 4 – October 2002


Children and Animal Bereavement

Warning: Poison to Rabbits

A tribute  to Thomas (cat) – by Helen Constance

  • Thomas – poem by Helen Constance

A tribute  to Ben (dog)  – by B.J.

Grieving in Advance (+ photograph)

Issue 5 – December 2002


Season’s Greetings (+ photograph)

Making Provision for animals when we can no longer look  after them

Beliefs and Experiences:

  • Two accounts  from Anne Phair

Spirit  Breath­: poem tribute to Popeye (cat) – by K.P.


Appeal for photographs and/or written tributes for inclusion in Departed Friend

Issue 6 – February 2003


Becky (dog) –  photographic tribute from Mr A J Stracey

Making Comparisons – human and animal bereavement

Beliefs and Experiences:

  • Animals’ Final Destination – by John Cowen
  • Chariot of Fire – by Mary O’Brien (+ photograph)

KAPS – an appeal for Korea Animal Protection Society

Departed  Friend by e-mail:

Offer to those who are on-line who currently receive DF  by post

Issue 7 – April 2003


Life’s Losses – an account of animal death and human betrayal

Tinker (cat) – tribute (+ photograph) by Debby W.

Beliefs & Experiences:

  • A Spiritualist perspective – by Sandi Marguerite


Selfless Spirit Rise (cat) – poem by GC

DF Penfriends: invitation to share experiences

Issue 8 – June 2003


One in a Million – Tribute to Spooky (cat) (+ photograph) by Debby Wakeham

Dog Cemetery – C19th

Present Day Farewells:

  • Forget-me-not Pet Coffins
  • Cambridge Pet Crematorium

Beliefs & Experiences:

  • Report on John Wesley’s beliefs Methodist Recorder 10.04.03

A gentle  challenge…. by Peter George Wakeham


Report on article from Daily Mail  18.02.03

DF Penfriends: invitation to share experiences

Issue 9 – August 2003



Departed Friend stall at Luton Carnival – photograph

Chester (dog)  – photograph and tribute by Jamie

In loving memory of Teddy (cat)  – by C M Francis

Korea Animal Protection Society Calendar 2004: advertisement


Badger (cat)tribute by Rob & Becca

When grief is made worse:

  • Examples
  • Suggestions (things that might help)

Issue 10 – October 2003


Meg (dog) – photograph and tribute by Celia

Resources reviewed:

  • Blue Cross leaflet for children
  • RSPCA leaflet
  • (Quotation re children and animals)
  • Thanet Pet Loss Counselling Service
  • ‘Goodbye Dear Friend’ by Virginia Ironside

Tribute to Findlay (cat) – Debby

Poem – Gerald Scarfe

Beliefs & Experiences – Helen Constance


Issue 11 – December 2003


Tribute to Zuki (dog) – by Sandra + photograph

My Darling Dog – poem tribute to Timmy by Ella Meah + photograph

In Passing – tribute to an unknown horse, by DW

Articles and Letters

APPCC & Paws to Rest – Pet Cemeteries, Crematoria, Bereavement Service

Prayer Cards – from Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals: to help people in their loss

Issue 12 – February 2004


Life after Death! – by Linda Bodicoat + photograph of Lass (dog)

Cats’ Own Annual – book review

Vernon Coleman’s Prayer for Cats

Quote from Vernon Coleman

Faithfully Yours – by Olwen Parker

Photograph of Spooky(cat)

The Promise – poem

Letter from Ella Meah

Spirit Path – Death of a Pet (website review)

Issue 13 – April 2004


Moving On … Or Not

Life After Timmy (dog) by Ella

Can anybody help? (to trace a friend)

Bittersweet Spring – poem by Mags Scorey

  • Photograph of Tyger (cat)

Quote from Mahatma Gandhi

Your Letters

‘Death is nothing at all….’

Catwork – about a special cat sanctuary

Issue 14 – June 2004


Sentenced to Death (by order of the Courts) (dog)

Details of new DF email address

It Would Never Be Enough – Tribute to Tyger (cat) + photo by Mags Scorey

Animal Samaritans (Rescue charity + bereavement scheme)

Pets help hospital patients recover – newspaper article

Pet bereavement workshops for veterinary professionals

Pet Insurance – plus bereavement counselling

Issue 15 – September 2004


Tribute to Daria (dog) – by Beccy Hayden

Animal Blessing Service – Sunday 3.10.04

In Loving Memory of Hassan (cat) – tribute + photo by Marcelle Williams

Your letters

Euthanasia – is there another solution?

Issue 16 – November 2004


Goodbye to an Old Friend – Tribute to Candy (dog) by David Young

A Tribute to Buddy (dog) (+ photograph) – by Joan Hansen

Quotations from The Secret Lives of Cats

  • Book Review:  The Secret Lives of Cats

Photograph of Tinker (cat)

Your letters

Chester’s / Mac’s Shrine (photograph) (dogs)

Issue 17 – February 2005


The Olga Malli Society – by Ella Meah + photographs & poem

Your letters:

  •  + photograph Daisy  and Dar (dog) by Beccy Hayden
  • + photograph Kerry (dog) by Sylvia Chamberlain

Poem Treasure Time by Mags Scorey

Update of life at Catwork – by Barbara

Tribute to Flloyd (cat) + photo – by Karla

When a pet passes away – article from Luton & Dunstable Herald & Post

A Christmas Story + photo

Issue 18 – May 2005


This edition is all about cats:

  • Tribute to Lucy + photo – by Celia Francis
  • Tribute to Jameela + photo – by Sue Lake
  • Tribute to Simi + photo – by Mary Malissou
  • Tribute to Tiffany + photo – by Ali Browning

Issue 19 – July 2005


Tribute to Muppet (dog) + photo – by Miss S Roberts

Interview with Maxine Sinclair of Pet Bereavement

Tribute to Amber (cat) + photo – by Celia Francis

‘A Bunch of Lilies Killed my Pet Cat’ – from Metro

In Passing…. by Debby Wakeham

Animal Communicators

Your Letters + photo of Ollie (cat) & poem by Harish & Chandni Shah

Quote from Henri David Thoreau

Issue 20 – September 2005

Tribute to Spike (dog) + photos & ‘Rainbow Bridge’ – by Jenny Flinn

Tribute to Polo (dog)  – by Mark Hornett

Animal Blessing Service

A True Story

Photo:  Departed Friend stall at Luton Volunteer Fair

A Tribute to 4 Lovely Cats – by Mrs M C

Your Letters + advert. good home wanted for Minty

Fireworks petition: information from Teresa Kulkarni

Well-known sayings + poem Ode on the death of a favourite cat

Issue 21 – November 2005

MidSummer – tributes to 3 cats + photos – by Mary O’Brien

From the Papers – petition against animal cruelty + news items

Your Letters

‘Lost’ … and Found + photo (horse) –  by Debby Wakeham

Issue 22 – January 2006

Dedication to the memory of DF reader Chandni Shah + photos – by Harish Shah

Christmas Tributes + photos of Benji & Muppet (dogs) – by Miss S Roberts


  •    The Cat Basket – Dr Vernon Coleman
  •    Poem: The Days
  •    The Guide to Pet Loss Resources – David C Anderson

Your Letters, including:

  •    A purr-fect move – by Jeff Kleinman
  •   Tribute to Cleo (cat)by Patricia Thomson
  •    Poem: Cleo

Issue 23 – March 2006

Missing – Tribute to Julipuss (cat) + photo – by Debby

If an animal goes missing …

Mediawatch – Review of ‘Loved Ones’ (Pets are People)

Your Letters including:

  • poems from Patricia Thomson and Linda Bodicoat
  • letter from Niel Hansen re Save the Pigeons

Tribute to Shinge (cat) + photo – by Mark

Angel (horse) – by Debby

Cheltenham Races

Drug trials TGN1412

Issue 24 – June 2006

Tribute to Snowy (bird) + photo – by CK & Anne Yoe

Tribute to Horatio Nelson (horse)

Some changes to DF

Service of Thanksgiving/Animal Blessing service 1 October 2006

Your letters

Last Will and Testament of a Cat – poem by Margaret Trowton

Warning – poisonous for cats

Early Day Motion 92 – re animal experiments

Bereavement by Euthanasia – review of a study

Pet Bereavement and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming)

Issue 25 – September 2006

When Euthanasia goes wrong + photo of  Spooky (cat)

Book review: Animal Experiments – simple truths by Vernon Coleman

Your letters

Tribute to Muffin (dog) + photo, by Roxane & Preston D.

Chandni Shah memorial + photo

Quote from The Cat in Ancient Egypt – by J. Malek

3 sayings

Photo of DF stall at Green Fair – Bedford

Issue 26 – December 2006

Tribute to Mr Darcy (cat)+ photo – by Sue Dobbs

The Victims of Scientific Dogma – by John Cowen

Your letters

Tribute to Kizzy (cat) + photo – by Michelle Francis

Book reviews:

  • The Cataholic’s Handbook by Vernon Coleman
  • Weep Not For Me by Constance Jenkins, illus. by Pat Schaverien

Purple Poppies: article about animals in war + photo

Issue 27 – March 2007

Tribute to Cheeky Monster (cat) + photos – by Julie Hasler

Kind heart, gentle heart

Mourning the loss of a companion animal – review of an article

Your letters

Recycle your mobile and help horses

Tiggy’s poem (cat) – by Dennis Martin

Update from Ella Meah + tribute to Flossie (dog) + photo of Ella and Buffy (cat)

Man’s best friend: article about St Mungo’s, which takes in homeless people & their dogs

3 articles from Metro newspaper about DF-related matters

What’s in a name? –  about the terminology we use to describe our relationships with animals

Issue 28 – June 2007

A visit to Catwork: rescue and homing organisation – Debby

Death of a Greyhound – newspaper article and correspondence: John Cowen

Timmy: passed away Easter Sunday (cat) photographic tribute from Jackie

Your letters

Did I do the right thing?  Discussion on how we can feel in the aftermath of euthanasia

The grief of animals: for each other and for humans – examples of animals’ bereavement

Issue 29 – September 2007

A response to Debby’s visit to Catwork (+ photos) – Barbara Hunt

The House Dog’s Grave – poem

Your letters + God’s Lent Pet – poem

Photo:  Departed Friend display at One Love Festival – Marsh Farm, Luton

Moving on

‘Police let stray dog starve for six days’ – newspaper article

Departed Friend  A5 size poster for vet surgeries, libraries, stalls, etc.

Book Review: Missing my Pet, by Alex Lambert, aged 6

Universal Kinship (about Howard Moore, etc.) – Peter Wakeham

Issue 30 – February 2008

Tribute to Eric (cat) + photo – by Debby

From the media:

  •  One dog and his man,  Friends till the end
  •  Dogs’ flea treatment is killing cats

Poem:  Ode to a Friend – Anon.

Book review:  Farewell my Lovely

Poem:  for Eric –  by Debby

Your letters


Video review:  A Kind Goodbye (re euthanasia)

Photo:  snowdrops

Issue 31 – June 2008

Tribute to Tam (dog) + photo – by Linda Bodicoat

Poem: Come Home To Be With Me – Anon.

Roll of Honour: Lest We Forget (Animals: hidden victims of war)

In the Workplace

Your Letters

Thank you … for condolences on loss of Eric – Debby

Issue 32 – September 2008

Tribute to Jessie (cat) + photo – by Celia Francis

Book review: Cat Fables by Vernon Coleman

Your Letters

Canine Health Concern (+ photo) –  review of a website

St Francis and the pigeon + photo – by Linda Bodicoat

Discussion from Christian viewpoint on whether animals survive death – by Ray Waddle

Appeal: good home wanted for 2 semi-feral cats

Louie’s memory lives on in cattoo + photo – article from Metro 14.07.08

Pets in Paradise (+ photo) – review of a website offering pet memorials

Issue 33 – December 2008

Tribute to Whiskers and Tiggy (cats)+ photo – by Jose Knowles

Tribute to Shep and Meg (dogs) + photo – by Maureen Shbero

Tribute to Candy (cat) + photo – by Jackie

Seasonal greetings

Tribute to Lotty, (dog) Mo-Joe and Millie (cats) (+ photo – by Janet Nithsdale

Tribute to Whitey (dog) + photo – by Susie Nassar

Poem tribute to Max (cat) + photo – by Karla

From the media – article from Metro:  Shrine for a cat that sat on every mat’

Issue 34 – March 2009

Tribute to Cassie (horse) + photo by Debby  (+ poem from riding school website by Debbie)

Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals – ESMA

When no words will bring comfort….  How can we help?

Tribute to Eddie (cat) (also known as Pea) + photo – by Sarah Croft

Your letters + photo of Remembrance Service 2008

Tribute to Lily (cat) + photo – by Nancie Gaunt

Tribute to Mary (cat) and other loved ones + photo  – by Pauline Edington

Anniversaries … how do we cope with them? + photo

Freedom Rider – enabling people to do more with horses

Photo of Eric’s snowdrops – one  year on

Issue 35 – June 2009

Departed Friend – new developments

‘No Pets Allowed’

Your letters + photos of Lass’s tree and of Jessie

‘I have seen them’ + photos of Mindy & Eddie (cats) – by Sarah Croft

Tribute to Lucky (cat) – by Celia Francis

Animal Therapy at a Psychiatric Hospital:

A Patient’s Testimony + 2 photos

Issue 36 – September 2009

EASE – a unique bereavement service

Quote from Khalil Gibran

Resource review: Goodbye Dear Friend

Photographic tribute to Oxo (cat) – by Jackie

Resource review: A Christian Experience of Pet Bereavement

Your letters

Poem: Goodbye Stan

Pet memorial jewelry

Animal Therapy at a Psychiatric Hospital:

A Patient’s Testimony + photo

Issue 37 – December 2009

Song of an Angel: Tribute to Polly Angel (cat) + photo – by Lynn Burman

I didn’t want him to go without a name: Tribute to Ebony (cat) – by Celia

Bunny July 26 – Nov 24, 2009 (bird) + photo – by Anne & CK Yoe

Short article re sending cards to bereaved people

Heart to Heart Communication with Pets – by Susan Wagner

Your Letters

A true story – (dogs looking after an injured woman)

EASE animal charity – further developments

Black ribbon memorial

Dorothy – account of bereavement in the Chimpanzee community

S.O.S. Henry – an update (re home needed for 1-year-old cat)

Issue 38 – March 2010

The love that Never Dies

Sparky ~ our first love: Tribute to Sparky (cat) + photo – by Celia Francis

Parted: poem by Eileen Clarke

From the Media:  Animal Campaign is Taken to Westminster + photo

Your Letters

Mach 1­ – tribute to a tortoise by Ronnie Pigram

Booklist to Help the Grieving – compiled by Lynn Burman

Tribute to Jessie (cat) + photo – by Ali Browning

Tribute to Happy  (dog) + photo – by Sharon Hopkins


Rest in peace… tribute to a robin by Debby

My Grandest Foal: poem (author unknown) sent by Tina Hughes

Issue 39 – June 2010

Spirit ~ RIP + photo (dog) – by Anne Fromm

A Tear for Tace: (dog) poem by Kath Greenslade + photo

New Look Departed Friend newsletter

Lucy’s Odyssey (cat)by Mike Bryan

2-year memorial to Jessie and Rosie (cats) (Mum and Dad)

Photographic tributes to Benji and Pepper, + photo of Lucky (dogs) – by Valerie Lockwood

  • Poems:  My Dog  by Angie;  Don’t forget Dad  by Jean

Book Review: Paw Tracks in the Moonlight

Meredith and Abbey:  a 4-year-old girl loses her dog

Issue 40 – September 2010

Tribute to Tinka  (cat) + photo  – by Pauline West

The British Association of Pet Bereavement Counsellors

Tribute to Lagun  (dog) + photo – by Maureen

Photo of DF stall at Bedford Charity Market 18 & 26 June 2010

Your Letters

Book Review: Losing a Pet by Jane Matthews

Issue 41 – December 2010

Trollie (dog)  – a celebration of her life as faithful companion to Trevor + photos

ASWA (Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals) – report of local meeting

Nowzad Dogs (registered charity) + photo of Sgt. Pen Farthing with Nowzad

Hoofbeats in Heaven – review of horse loss support website

Harvey (dog) – tribute + photo from Carole Ann Share

Your Letters – including photo of candle for Tace (dog)

Animals in Heaven

Issue 42 – March 2011

There once was a cat called Zoe – poem tribute + photos from Diane Bramson

My Dog Max – tribute from Tony Gillham

Pussycat Heaven – poem by Paulette  A. Ng

Baby Baishey (cat) poem tribute by Paulette Ng

Bobbie (cat)  photo and tribute from Mum, Dad, Jackie, Mark and Dave

Your Letters

Woody – my Cameo Persian (cat) – tribute + photo from Lois Wood (+ info on ‘Pets As Therapy’)

Silent Night – poem, photo and tribute to Jamie (dog) from Gerry Robinson


The Orchard Pet Cemetery

An appeal for poems about cats – from Diane Bramson

Strange but true – a message of hope? + photo

Issue 43 – June 2011

Jessica my Beloved Forever Angel (cat)tribute + photos from Hazel Fernandes

Parallel Feelings: Grieving and Loving Again – + photos

  • Valerie Lockwood (Benji and Lucky) (dogs)
  • Kath Greenslade (Tace and Ty-Son) (dogs)
  • Carole Share (Harvey and Jasper) (dogs)
  • Debby (Eric and Henry) (cats)
  • Acquiring another Animal Companion  whilst coming to terms with Recent Loss – by Lynn Burman + photo (cats)

Reminder: appeal for poems about cats for anthology

Your Letters + photo of Trevor and Jack (dog)

Tributes to Tiggy and Jill (cats) + photos from Mrs M.C.

National Disgrace – 2 horses killed + campaign to ban the Grand National

Issue 44 – September 2011

Marmalade Angel Fransisco Fernandes: life with my other cat     + photos – by Hazel Fernandes

From the Media – dog lover wins permission to be buried alongside  his dogs in a pet cemetery

Websites to help people grieving the loss of an animal

Domino (cat) poem tribute + photo by Helen Constance

Your Letters

Unfinished Business – tribute to a wild rabbit, by Debby

A generous offer – to paint your pet’s portrait or raise funds for DF by means of a raffle + reprint of portrait, by Paulette Ng

Watch this space – re forthcoming video on YouTube with  input from Debby, Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor

I died today – account of the fate of an unwanted puppy

Animals and War – Purple Poppy Appeal by Animal Aid

Issue 45 – December 2011

Unusual memorials – with photographs

Pet Portraits – offer by Paulette Ng

A request for info – on feline bereavement

Tribute to Jack (horse) – from Zoë

Dedication to Kitty (cat) – from Sharon Hopkins

Purple Poppy stall – report of street collection

A Soldier’s Kiss – poem + photograph of dying horse

Your letters + photo of Shelly (dog)

Horse cemetery – in grounds of stately home + photos

Talking Turkeys – poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

Issue 46 – March 2012

10 Years of Departed Friend – with photographs

Poppsy (cat) – tribute + photos by Debby

Book Review: Bill at Rainbow Bridge + photo

Goodbye Dear Friend – Tribute to Sox (cat) + photo by Jeff Kleinman

In memory of Shelly and Tace (dogs) by Kath Greenslade

Your Letters

Farewell Money Pilbeam (cat) + photos by Lynn Burman

Tribute to Honey-Baby (cat) + photo by Lynn Burman

The Gratitude Exercise  – with photograph

Issue 47 – June 2012

Tribute to Krishna (cat) + photos by Debby

Correction: amended tel. no. for book order:

     Bill at Rainbow Bridge

Tribute to Sandy (dog) + photo by Maureen Shbero

+ about rescue dog Angel + photo by Maureen Shbero

A Request for Expertise + photos from Jessica Clements

     (appeal for help for Annie, a dog with a disability)

Thanks to readers for sympathy cards & messages, from Debby

Your Letters + photos

First flight ~ last flight Tribute to small bird, by Debby

Nurses Movement for Responsible Medicine + photo of card for sale

(dedicated to total, immediate abolition of vivisection)

Tribute to Louie (cat) + photo by Celia

The Power of the Dog – poem by Rudyard Kipling

Issue 48 – September 2012

Tribute to Daisy (cat) + photos by Debby

Hamish’s Hope – bereavement resource and meetings

Forget Me Not – carry a card  + photo

Your Letters

Tribute to Joey (cockatiel)  by Mrs M.C.

Tribute to Poppy (cat) by Lynne Burman

Purple Poppy update + photos

Working Animals

And finally …. 2 broadcasts to watch online

Issue 49 – December 2012

Multiple losses close in time

Tributes to Asia & Harry (cats) + photos by Fay Van Dunk

Tributes to Carling & Jasmine (cats) + photos by Helen Constance

Tribute to Susie (dog) by Mrs M.C.

Coincidence? Comforting experiences in times of grief + photo

Issue 50 – March 2013

DF is on Facebook:

Two tributes by Mrs MC + photos: Becky & Susie (cats)

Book Review by Samantha Chandler of ASWA:

‘With the Eyes of Love’ by Revd. Christa Blanke

Your Letters

Local Pet Bereavement Support Group

From the media: review of bereavement article in The Guardian

Spotting signs of pain in cats and dogs (from EASE newsletter)

Photo (dog)

Details of Departed Friend Resources and Services

Other resources – how to obtain bereavement resources list

Issue 51 – June 2013

Saying Goodbye – thoughts on commemoration and whether to stay during euthanasia

Euthanasia criteria

Tribute to Khush (cat) – Sharon Hopkins


Cats, Cats, Cats! – details of poetry anthology to raise money for Cats Protection

     + poem – “Choosing Kitten’s Name”

It’s good to talk – isn’t it?  Discussion on the pros and cons of self-help groups  + photos

Details of Departed Friend Resources and Services

Other resources – how to obtain bereavement resources list


Issue 52 – December 2013

Tribute to Mumia (cat) + photos – Debby

Tributes to Patch (goldfish),  Roxy (cat) and Bomber (Hamster) + photos – Carol Wallace

Sympathy cards for Pets + photo

Your Letters

Carling (cat) poem + Photo – Helen Constance

Antifreeze – a warning

No way to say Goodbye – article re RTA cats and Council policy + photo

Comfort Dogs + photo – reproduced with permission from EASE News July 2013

Details of Departed Friend Resources and Services

Other resources – how to obtain bereavement resources list


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